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The real world presents our sensory systems with a continuous stream of undifferentiated information. Segmentation of this stream at event boundaries is necessary for object identification and feature extraction. Here, we investigate the neural dynamics of event segmentation in entire musical symphonies under natural listening conditions. We isolated(More)
The Sonification Application and Research Toolbox (SonART) is an open-source effort to develop a platform-independent collection of methods to map data to sonification parameters. A set of graphical user interface tools that will provide practical and intuitive utilities for experimentation and auditory display. SonART aims to provide publicly available,(More)
A goal of sonification research is the intuitive audio representation of complex, multidimensional data. The authors present two facets of this research that may provide insight into the creative process. First, they discuss aspects of categorical perception in non-verbal auditory scene analysis and propose that these characteristics are simplified models(More)
We explore the potential for and implications of musical (or proto-musical) social interaction and collaboration using currently available technologies embedded into mobile phones. The dynamics of this particular brand of social intercourse and the emergence of an associated aesthetic is described. The clichéd concept of a global village is made a vibrant(More)
SonART is a flexible, multipurpose multimedia environment that allows for networked collaborative interaction with applications for art, science and industry. In this paper we describe the integration of image and audio that SonART enables. An arbitrary number of layered canvases, each with independent control of opacity, RGB values, etc., can transmit or(More)