Jonathan Benesty

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We propose a new simple and accurate approach to estimate the Doppler spread which is a key parameter in the context of wireless communication systems. This new approach stems from the well known fact that the crosscorrelation of the channel is a weighted summation of monochromatic plane waves (or inverse Fourier transform of its power spectral density). In(More)
The localization of speech is essential for improving the quality of hands-free pick-up as well as for applications such as automatic camera steering. This paper proposes a source localization method tailored to the distinct nature of speech that is based on the linearly constrained minimum variance (LCMV) beamforming method. The LCMV steered beam(More)
We estimate the angular spread (AS) and the nominal angle of arrival (AoA) of a locally scattered source using a uniform linear array (ULA) of sensors. First, we use Taylor series expansions to transform this problem into the localization of two point sources as it has been proposed in the literature. Based on the resulting approximate form of the(More)
We propose a new simple and accurate approach to localize two equipowered plane-wave sources (i.e., harmonics) using a uniform linear array (ULA) of sensors. We exploit the particular form of the covariance matrix jointly with a least square fitting (LSF) to derive new simple closed-form expressions for the directions of arrival (or harmonics in general).(More)
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