Jonathan Benesty

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We discuss the philosophy of evaluating estimated impulse responses for applications in which the overall scaling or gain is irrelevant, as, for example, in blind channel identification. We argue that no matter how the estimate is obtained, the performance should be independently evaluated using an error measure that is appropriate for a problem of this(More)
A straightforward generalization of the so-called affine projection algorithm (APA) to the multichannel (MC) case is easily obtained. However, due to the strong correlation between the input signals of the various channels, the resulting algorithm converges very slowly. The article describes the way to overcome this problem and derives an efficient(More)
IMPORTANCE Arteriovenous nickings (AVNs) in the retina are the cause of retinal vein occlusions and are also surrogates of cerebrovascular aging. The prevalent mechanistic model of AVNs stating that arteries crush veins remains somewhat unchallenged despite the lack of evidence other than fundus photographs. Here, we observed that venous nicking may be(More)
Adaptive optics imaging of the retina has recently proven its capability to image micrometric structures such as blood vessels, involved in common ocular diseases. In this paper, we propose an approach for automatically segmenting the walls of retinal arteries in the images acquired with this technology. The walls are modeled as four curves approximately(More)
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