Jonathan Beaudeau

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In this paper we consider the problem of target tracking in a network of mobile agents. We propose a scheme with agents that are endowed with processing and decision-making capabilities and without a central unit that controls them and/or fuses information. The agents measure received signal strengths from the targets and communicate it to the remaining(More)
In this paper we consider the problem of target tracking in a network of mobile agents that receive asynchronous measurements. The agents measure received signal strengths from the target and broadcast the information to the remaining agents engaged in the tracking. We propose several non-centralized schemes based on particle filtering that account for the(More)
In this paper we present a new approach to Received-Signal-Strength-Indicator (RSSI)-based multi-target tracking. In order to effectively deal with this inherently high-dimensional problem, the approach leverages space decomposition through cooperative distributed processing. The core system is composed of multiple agents where each agent is assigned to(More)
In this paper an analysis is conducted regarding the likelihood function of an RSSI-based sensor measurement that is affected by a target of interest (TOI) and an interfering target source. The interferer's true location is unknown but is assumed to be Gaussian distributed with known parameters. This analysis is motivated by its potential application within(More)
This paper presents an analysis on optimal mobile sensor configuration for multiple-target-tracking (MTT) with Received-Signal-Strength-Indicator (RSSI) based measurements. The analysis is based on the underlying assumption that the complexity of this inherently high-dimensional problem is reduced by employing a multi-agent distributed tracking system. The(More)
This paper focuses on the application of particle filtering to tracking a single target by a network of mobile agents using measurements affected by dynamic interferences. The proposed solution is of general value and can be applied to systems with limited resources, and constraints on sensing modes, power and bandwidth utilization, and algorithm(More)
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