Jonathan B. Moody

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PURPOSE The median survival for patients diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, the most common type of brain tumor, is less than 1 year. Animal glioma models that are more predictive of therapeutic response in human patients than traditional models and that are genetically and histologically accurate are an unmet need. The nestin tv-a (Ntv-a) genetically(More)
Aims: To develop multivariate nomograms that determine the probabilities of all-cause and bladder cancer ^ specific survival after radical cystectomy and to compare their predictive accuracy to that of American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) staging. Methods: We used Cox proportional hazards regression analyses to model variables of 731 consecutive(More)
The experiments reported herein are the first MRI investigations of the orientational dependence of T(2) relaxation in articular cartilage at microscopic resolution over the 360 degrees angular space. For each of six canine cartilage specimens, 48 independent T(2)-weighted proton images were acquired for 12 different specimen orientations. Pixel-wise(More)
Linear regularization is a common and robust technique for fitting multi-exponential relaxation decay data to obtain a distribution of relaxation times. The regularization algorithms employed by the Uniform-Penalty inversion (UPEN) and CONTIN computer programs have been compared using simulated transverse (T2) relaxation data derived from a typical bimodal(More)
OBJECTIVES To detect changes in the collagen fibril network in articular cartilage in a canine experimental model of early osteoarthritis (OA) using microscopic magnetic resonance imaging (microMRI) and polarised light microscopy (PLM). METHODS Eighteen specimens from three pairs of the medial tibia of an anterior cruciate ligament transection canine(More)
The estimation of myocardial blood flow (MBF) by (13)N-ammonia or (82)Rb dynamic PET typically relies on an empirically determined generalized Renkin-Crone equation to relate the kinetic parameter K1 to MBF. Because the Renkin-Crone equation defines MBF as an implicit function of K1, the MBF variance cannot be determined using standard error propagation(More)
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