Jonathan B. Lister

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— The control of the ITER tokamak unstable vertical position is considered in the presence of actuator saturation. Linearised models of the ITER system all share the feature of a single unstable pole (attributable to the vertical instability) and a large number of stable poles. The aim of this work is to improve the existing controller in the sense of(More)
The control of the current, position and shape of an elongated cross-section tokamak plasma is complicated by the so-called instability of the current vertical position. Linearized models all share the feature of a single unstable eigenmode, attributable to this vertical instability of the plasma equilibrium movement, and a large number of stable or(More)
Confinement in TCV electron cyclotron heated discharges was studied as a function of plasma shape, i.e. as a function of elongation, 1.1 < κ < 2.15, and triangularity, −0.65 ≤ δ ≤ 0.55. The electron energy confinement time was found to increase with elongation, owing in part to the increase of plasma current with elongation. The beneficial effect of(More)
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