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A paired comparison is made between rival attempts to develop the first continuous rolling mill for wide strip in the USA during the 1920's. One firm was secretive, the other relied upon collaboration. Development of the wide strip mill is a natural experiment comparing closed and open innovation since two firms were competing for the same target using(More)
Forecasting levels of stocks held by manufacturing industry is problematic. Stocks are the most volatile component of GDP. The data itself is subject to chronic revision. Yet, forecasting inventory changes in the supply chain is crucial for firms trying to manage output. The paper reports a successful approach to forecasting UK manufacturing stock behaviour(More)
Severe wildfires are an intermittent problem in England. The paper presents the first analysis of wildfire policy, showing its halting evolution over two decades. First efforts to coordinate wildfire management came from local fire operation groups, where stakeholders such as fire services, land owners and amenity groups shared knowledge and equipment to(More)
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