Jonathan Asher Cohen

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The mRen2.Lewis congenic strain is an estrogen-sensitive model of hypertension whereby estrogen depletion produces a significant and sustained increase in blood pressure. The recent identification of G protein-coupled receptor 30 (GPR30) as a third estrogen receptor isotype prompted us to test the hypothesis that this novel receptor exhibits beneficial(More)
The problems of the identity of proofs, equivalences of reductions in term rewriting systems and coherence in categories all share the common goal of describing the notion of equivalence generated by a two-dimensional congruence. This thesis provides a unifying setting for studying such structures, develops general tools for determining when a congruence(More)
The mRen(2).Lewis (mRen2) strain is an ANG II-dependent model of hypertension expressing marked sex differences in blood pressure and tissue injury that also exhibits estrogen and salt sensitivity. Because estrogen and salt influence angiotensinogen (AGT), circulating and renal expression of the protein were assessed in the mRen2 using a sensitive and(More)
Coherence theorems for covariant structures carried by a category have traditionally relied on the underlying term rewriting system of the structure being terminating and confluent. While this holds in a variety of cases, it is not a feature that is inherent to the coherence problem itself. This is demonstrated by the theory of iterated monoidal categories,(More)
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