Jonathan Ache Dias

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The objectives of this study were (a) to determine the concurrent validity of the flight time (FT) and double integration of vertical reaction force (DIF) methods in the estimation of vertical jump height with the video method (VID) as reference; (b) to verify the degree of agreement among the 3 methods; (c) to propose regression equations to predict the(More)
This study analysed the modulation of jump performance, vertical stiffness as well as joint and intralimb coordination throughout a 30-s vertical jump test. Twenty male athletes performed the test on a force plate while undergoing kinematic analysis. Jump height, power output, ground contact time, vertical stiffness, maximum knee and hip flexion angles, and(More)
The purpose of this study was to verify the validity of the flight and ground contact time measurement of a contact mat, SaltoBras (SB), comparing it to an oscilloscope (OS) and to a force plate (FP). For that, the SB was placed upon a FP. At first, four male and two female performed 15 jumps on the SB and the flight times were obtained. After, they(More)
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The objective of this study was to validate a new stabilometric force platform (SFP). For this, three steps have been established: a) to determine the force threshold to reach an acceptable level of accuracy of the centre of pressure (CoP) measurement by the application of single point load; b) to determine the accuracy of the CoP measurement in the(More)
This study analyzed modulation of jump performance and intralimb coordination throughout a 30 s vertical jump test. Twenty male athletes performed the test on a force plate while also undergoing kinematic analysis. Jump height and coordination by continuous relative phase (CRP) were analyzed. Results showed reduction of jump height during the test. No(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the test-retest reliability and concurrent validity of the 30-s continuous jump (CJ30) test using the Wingate test as a reference. DESIGN Descriptive validity study. METHODS Twenty-one male volleyball players (23.8 ± 3.8 years; 82.5 ± 9.1 kg; 185 ± 4.7 cm) were tested in three separate sessions. The first and second sessions were(More)
One of the determining factors for the correct execution of resistance training (RT) is the determination of the resistance, the fatigue generated by the resistance has a direct relation to the execution speed of the exercise. This work aims designing and testing a system to measure the execution speed of the exercise in RT using an accelerometer. The(More)
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