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Mapping Lanka’s Moral Boundaries: Representations of Socio-Political Difference in the Ravana Rajavaliya
Abstract This article analyses the ways in which a little-known Sinhala text called the Ravana Rajavaliya articulates a moral topography of late medieval Sri Lanka. Rather than expressing a kind ofExpand
Elizabeth J. Harris, Theravada Buddhism and the British Encounter: Religious, Missionary and Colonial Experience in Nineteenth-Century Sri Lanka . Routledge Critical Studies in Buddhism. London and
and it appears that in the course of writing it the authors have changed their minds on some important points, which is laudable. In later chapters the efforts to find something positive in the manyExpand
Stephen C. Berkwitz Buddhist Poetry and Colonialism: Alagiyavanna and the Portuguese in Sri Lanka
the fine philological investigations in part 1 but also for the novel ways in which it attempts to understand the transmission and circulation of texts in the Muslim world. Future work in this veinExpand
All the world’s a school
This article reports on a research project which focused on the aspirations and identities of students in an international school. Ten boys and ten girls were interviewed using semi-structured andExpand