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Fractal design concepts for stretchable electronics.
Th thin films of hard electronic materials patterned in deterministic fractal motifs and bonded to elastomers enable unusual mechanics with important implications in stretchable device design, suggesting that fractal-based layouts represent important strategies for hard-soft materials integration.
Stretchable batteries with self-similar serpentine interconnects and integrated wireless recharging systems.
This work introduces a set of materials and design concepts for a rechargeable lithium ion battery technology that exploits thin, low modulus silicone elastomers as substrates, with a segmented design in the active materials, and unusual 'self-similar' interconnect structures between them.
Self-Assembled Plasmonic Nanoparticle Clusters
It is shown that self-assembled clusters of metal-dielectric spheres are the basis for nanophotonic structures, and plasmon modes exhibiting strong magnetic and Fano-like resonances emerge.
Large-area MRI-compatible epidermal electronic interfaces for prosthetic control and cognitive monitoring
Body-scale epidermal electronic interfaces for electrophysiological recordings enable the control of a transhumeral prosthesis, long-term electroencephalography, and simultaneous electroencephography and structural and functional MRI with magnetic resonance imaging.
Small-divergence semiconductor lasers by plasmonic collimation
Surface plasmons offer the exciting possibility of improving the functionality of optical devices through the subwavelength manipulation of light. We show that surface plasmons can be used to shape
Terahertz quantum cascade lasers with copper metal-metal waveguides operating up to 178 K.
The improvement in the maximum operating temperature is achieved by using a three-quantum-well active region design with resonant-phonon depopulation and by utilizing copper, instead of gold, for the cladding material in the metal-metal waveguides.
Fano-like interference in self-assembled plasmonic quadrumer clusters.
It is demonstrated that clusters of four identical spherical particles self-assembled into a close-packed asymmetric quadrumer support strong Fano-like interference.
Materials and Designs for Wireless Epidermal Sensors of Hydration and Strain
This paper presents materials and designs for an ultrathin, stretchable class of device that is capable of lamination onto the surface of the skin, for wireless determination of dielectric and
Designer spoof surface plasmon structures collimate terahertz laser beams.
It is demonstrated that by directly sculpting designer spoof surface plasmon structures that tailor the dispersion of terahertz surface Plasmon polaritons on the highly doped semiconductor facets of terAhertz quantum cascade lasers, the performance of the lasers can be markedly enhanced.