Jonatan Ostrometzky

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The use of special-purpose wireless microwave links (MLs) in order to monitor rainfall is well understood. However, the use of existing MLs, which are part of the cellular communication networks backhaul, presents new signal processing challenges. Together with the exciting monitoring opportunities that lie in the large number and ubiquitousness of such(More)
A common way to describe the relation between rain-rate R [mm/h] and attenuation A [dB] in radio signal is the Power-Law A = aRb, where a and b are the Power-Law parameters, which depend on the radio signal (frequency, polarization) and on some properties of the specific environmental conditions. These parameters are usually set off-line using special(More)
Cellular backhaul networks usually consist of commercial microwave links, known to be sensitive to weather conditions. The management network systems usually provide records of measurements of the transmitted and the received signals levels from the different microwave links for monitoring and analyzing the network performance. Many of them log only the(More)
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