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A study of liquid chromatography-triple quadrupole mass spectrometry (LC-MS-MS) with positive electrospray ionisation (ESI) for the determination of selected drugs in human tissues and body fluids(More)
A new type of supermacroporous, monolithic, cryogel affinity adsorbent was developed, allowing the specific capture of urokinase from conditioned media of human fibrosarcoma cell line HT1080. The(More)
To identify High Molecular Weight Products (HMWP) formed in human insulin formulation during storage. Commercial formulation of human insulin was stored at 37°C for 1 year and HMWP was isolated using(More)
Organic metal species and their size fractions in three German white wines were characterized by combining multistage ultrafiltration (MST-UF), determination of non-volatile dissolved organic carbon(More)