Jonatan Alava

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Within the baking industry, the control of dough properties is required to achieve final product quality and consistency. Traditional methods for dough testing are slow and off-line and do not provide fundamental rheological information. There is therefore a need for the development of fast and on-line instruments capable of providing relevant data for(More)
The viscoelastic properties of dough are of great interest in the baking industry as they affect the quality of the final product. In this work, the viscoelastic properties of dough were investigated using ultrasonic techniques and then compared with traditional methods. It has been shown that ultrasonics provides a non-destructive, rapid and low cost(More)
There continue to be advances in the automation of Web application development, however testing these applications remains mainly a manual process. In this paper we present a methodology to test page flows using traditional test coverage criteria in conjunction with an automated testing tool. The criteria is applied in the context of page flows and(More)
As researchers and members of the IT industry move towards a vision of computing systems that manage themselves, it is imperative to investigate ways to dynamically validate these systems to avoid the high cost of system failures. Although research continues to advance in many areas of autonomic computing, there is a lack of development in the area of(More)
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