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Perchlorate competitively blocks iodide from entering the thyroid by an effect on the Na+/I- symporter thus preventing the further synthesis of thyroid hormone but has no effect on the iodination process itself. It is concentrated by thyroid tissue in a manner similar to iodide but is not significantly metabolized in the gland or peripherally. What is not(More)
Population pharmacokinetic-dynamic analysis was prospectively integrated in the clinical phase II programme of EO9 to determine the population pharmacokinetic profile in a larger population of patients, to estimate individual patient pharmacokinetic parameters, and to investigate relationships between drug exposure and clinical outcome. A sparse sampling(More)
The first examples of nurse training, beginning in Vienna in 1812 and in Berlin in 1832, demonstrate that research in nursing-history must explore primary sources which are still in existence, in order to counteract current cliche and perhaps even develop completely new insights into historical accounts. Nursing literature in Austria did not start will the(More)
Between 1750 and 1850 surgical training was professionalized as a consequence of newly established technical colleges for surgeons in Germany and Austria led by doctors rather than craftsmen. At first, anatomy, debridement and obstetrics was taught, then a technical knowledge of medical treatment in general was instructed at specific medical/surgical(More)
With the unification of Germany the career structure and the places where nurses were educated and trained were pushed aside, as legislation of the Federal Republic was adopted. Thus they have acquired historical interest. Nevertheless they represent a quasi governmental experiment, the outcome of which should be recognised as a historical experience and(More)