Jonas Whitney

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Fast atom bombardment desorption of bile salts produces negative ions which show little fragmentation. The lack of fragmentation limits the utility of the method for resolving questions regarding specific structural features. This paper is a report of negative ion fast atom bombardment mass spectra and collision-activated decomposition spectra of cholate,(More)
Dynamic behavior of legged robots is strongly affected by ground impedance. Empirical observation of robot hardware is needed because ground impedance and foot-ground interaction is challenging to predict in simulation. This paper presents experimental data of the MIT Super Mini Cheetah robot hopping on hard and soft ground. We show that controllers tuned(More)
BACKGROUND This study examines the impact of an integrated, automated phone system to reinforce retention and increase frequency of donations among blood donors. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS Cultivated by incorporating data results over the past 7 years, the system uses computerized phone messaging to contact blood donors with individualized, multilevel(More)
Which of the 20 different, commercially available, temperature cyclers adequately fulfill all functional requirements? How can an investigator analyze instrument function? This report describes in detail, for the first time, the characteristics of Ericomp temperature cyclers. The data show that the temperature uniformity, accuracy and maximum overshoot is(More)
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