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The authors examined the effect of a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, erbstatin, and its analogues on abl oncogene functions. Erbstatin and its stable analogue methyl 2,5-dihydroxycinnamate (2,5-MeC) inhibited the growth of v-ablts-NIH3T3 cells at the permissive temperature (33 degrees C) at lower concentrations than at the non-permissive temperature (39 degrees(More)
T1a prostate cancers (cancer found incidentally in transurethral resection, <5% of the tissue) are indolent tumors of the transition zone. The overexpression of ERG and the inactivation of PTEN have been shown to be important drivers of carcinogenesis in large series of prostate cancer, but the genetics of transition zone tumors have not been well(More)
This paper presents an efficient stereo matching algorithm for hardware implementation. A low-complexity local window size decision rule is proposed in our processing scheme. The proper window size is adopted according to the local content characteristic. The matching computation cost is almost as low as the conventional fixed window size method. An(More)
Registration is an important task in augmented reality (AR) systems. For markerless AR, feature descriptors are generally used as a basis of registration process, which is expected to be robust for various application scenarios. This work aims at exploring effective schemes to improve the registration results, especially for applications with large(More)
Integrate intellectual properties (IP’s) designed for different protocols is always a troublesome task for system integrators. In this paper, we explore efficient methods to generate protocol converters automatically under the consideration of system performance. For the frequency/phase mismatch, we proposed a modified asynchronous FIFO together with our(More)