Jonas Stenzel

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The proposed concept of a Cellular Transport System shows the possibilities to increase the flexibility and changeability of facility logistics systems and enhances the ease of use of complex decentralized control systems. This contribution shows how to enhance these issues compared to conventional facility logistics systems, e.g. static conveyors, by using(More)
In this paper, we present a novel concept for the detection of loading positions of parcels or bins on a pallet to enable automated order picking using knowledge about the packing pattern model. The approach comprises (1) a new combination of pattern model data and PMD-camera-generated point clouds and (2) a novel concept of RFID data management using a(More)
The fast growing of Distributed Generation (DG) in European electricity networks, lead to challenges of different nature. Due the fast growth of market split of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), today's electric power system of centrally located generation, transmission networks and distribution networks is expected to evolve into a new configuration. The(More)
The proposed concept shows a method of solving emerging path planning conflict situations within a heterogeneous multi-robot system. Emerging conflict situations are solved by a decentralized system-wide communication, which includes an active exchange of relevant path planning information among all participants. Detection and prevention of collisions is(More)
Power quality monitoring has advanced to an important tool for system evaluation. The increased amount of recorded data requires more sophisticated analysis methods. The paper describes the development and operation of a system for automated classification of power quality events. Different to existing approaches the proposed system introduces a new(More)
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