Jonas Steffen

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This paper deals with the optimization of the components of a multiphase interleaved operated buck converter for battery charging applications and proposes two control strategies. The proposed control strategies allow the number of active phases and the switching frequency to be adapted according to the output power, enabling a significant increase to the(More)
This paper proposes a novel control strategy for multiphase interleaved dc-dc converters for EV battery charging applications. The proposed control strategy allows to adapt the number of active phases and the switching frequency according to the output power. This strategy results to an increased partial load efficiency and current handling capability of(More)
A study of permanent magnet synchronous generator, constructed as a ring-generator, is presented in this paper. With this approach a milestone in reducing weight of wind turbines in high power applications like 10 MW generators can be reached. As proof-of-concept a scaled generator with a rated power of 200 kVA will be realized in a test bench. A(More)
This paper presents the design and control structure of a synchronous generator in ring form. The analysed generator is designed in order to test the control structure of a light-weight 10 MW generator for wind turbines. A segmented stator structure with distributed control allows control of the current of single stator segments which facilitates damping of(More)
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