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Present methods and technology for obtaining surface fluxes over the global oceans are reviewed. Radiative, turbulent, and freshwater fluxes are considered, and the status of in situ and remotely sensed flux products assessed. Hence the required observing system to provide accurate gridded flux fields with good spatial and temporal resolution is described.(More)
Although quite a number of RDF triple store benchmarks have already been conducted and published, it appears to be not that easy to find the right storage solution for your particular Semantic Web project. A basic reason is the lack of comprehensive performance tests with real-world data. Confronted with this problem, we setup and ran our own tests with a(More)
The pattern of erroneous perception of intelligible and incoherent words accompanied by loud noise has been investigated. It has been found that proper interpretation of incoherent words depends at large on their rhythmic, or syllabic structure. As a rule, the words are reconstructed in the back-to-forward direction. One- and two-syllable words with(More)
The B4 - Brisbane Backyard Bird Box is a situated, social, and gamified web based application with a dedicated recording box aimed to support wider community engagement in environmental conservation. The B4 prototype will enable urban dwellers to record audio of their environment to learn and identify the bird calls they heard in their backyard. We foresee(More)
Photons can carry angular momentum, not only due to their spin, but also due to their spatial structure. This extra twist has been used, for example, to drive circular motion of microscopic particles in optical tweezers as well as to create vortices in quantum gases. Here we excite an atomic transition with a vortex laser beam and demonstrate the transfer(More)
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