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This paper presents a fully implantable neural recording system for the simultaneous recording of 128 channels. The electrocorticography (ECoG) signals are sensed with 128 gold electrodes embedded in a 10 μm thick polyimide foil. The signals are picked up by eight amplifier array ICs and digitized with a resolution of 16 bit at 10 kHz. The digitized(More)
Implantable invasive neuronal interfaces to the brain are an important keystone for many interesting future medical applications. However, entering this field of research is difficult since such an implant requires components from many different fields of technology. Beside the required amplifiers, analog-digital-converters and data processing, the complete(More)
For a design which is tolerant to parameter variations caused by process, voltage, temperature and aging, precise monitoring of the reliability status becomes a prerequisite. In applications such as medical implants reliability in combination with power efficiency is a crucial design goal. In the monitoring approach presented in this paper, circuit level(More)
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