Jonas Nygårds

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This paper presents collaborative smoothing and mapping (C-SAM) as a viable approach to the multi-robot map- alignment problem. This method enables a team of robots to build joint maps with or without initial knowledge of their relative poses. To accomplish the simultaneous localization and mapping this method uses square root information smoothing (SRIS).(More)
SE-97187 LULEA, SWEDEN the range resolution varies within a factor of 15. Thus the uncertainty volume in the (x, y, e)-space varies by a the feedback law must be strongly range (timef) dependent. Traditional feedback design is not applicable. The docking problem as such is well defined, but observe that it is he pose of he in the coordinates as lun~ownl the(More)
In this paper we propose a framework for autonomous path and sensor planning of a UAV performing a surveillance and exploration mission. Concurrent path and sensor planning is a very challenging problem, since realistic models of platforms, sensors and environment are very complex and inherently non-linear. Our approach is one attempt to address these(More)
Consider a robot to measure or operate on man made objects randomly located in the workspace. The optronic sensing onboard the robot are a scanning range measuring time-of-flight laser and a CCD camera. The goal of this paper is to give explicit covariance matrices for the extracted geometric primitives in the surrounding workspace. Emphasis is on(More)
The use of cameras in surveillance is increasing in the last years due to the low cost of the sensor and the requirement by surveillance in public places. However, the manual analysis of this data is impracticable. Thus, automatic and robust methods to processing this high quantity of data are required. This paper proposes a framework to address this(More)
A Survey of Planning Methods Applicable to UAV Surveillance FOI is an assignment-based authority under the Ministry of Defence. The core activities are research, method and technology development, as well as studies for the use of defence and security. The organization employs around 1350 people of whom around 950 are researchers. This makes FOI the largest(More)
Biography F. Berefelt is a researcher with the division of Defence Analysis at FOI. His research interests include mathematical analysis an modeling. He holds a B.A. from the University of Stockholm and a M.Sc. in mathematical physics from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. B. Boberg is a Research Officer with the di­ vision of Systems(More)