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Gap-junction (GJ) channels formed of connexin (Cx) proteins provide a direct pathway for electrical and metabolic cell-cell interaction. Each hemichannel in the GJ channel contains fast and slow gates that are sensitive to transjunctional voltage (Vj). We developed a stochastic 16-state model (S16SM) that details the operation of two fast and two slow gates(More)
A simple Stock Exchange Game Model (SEGM) was introduced in Mockus (2003), to simulate the behavior of several stockholders using fixed buying-selling margins at fixed bank yield. In this paper, an extended model USEGM is proposed. The advantage of USEGM is application of the Nash Equilibrium (NE) to strategies that define buying-selling margins and bank(More)
In this paper two popular time series prediction methods – the Auto Regression Moving Average (ARMA) and the multilayer perceptron (MLP) – are compared while forecasting seven real world economical time series. It is shown that the prediction accuracy of both methods is poor in ill-structured problems. In the well-structured cases, when prediction accuracy(More)
Discrete optimizationproblems are often solved using "heuristics" (expert opinions deening how to solve a family of problems). The paper is about ways to speed up the search by combining several heuristics involving randomization. Using expert knowledge a prior distribution of optimization results as functions of heuristic decision rules is deened and is(More)