Jonas Martinsson

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Structure-based protein design offers a possibility of optimizing the overall shape of engineered binding scaffolds to match their targets better. We developed a computational approach for the structure-based design of repeat proteins that allows for adjustment of geometrical features like length, curvature, and helical twist. By combining sequence(More)
The M2 protein is a small, single-span transmembrane (TM) protein from the influenza A virus. This virus enters cells via endosomes; as the endosomes mature and become more acidic M2 facilitates proton transport into the viral interior, thereby disrupting matrix protein/RNA interactions required for infectivity. A mystery has been how protons can accumulate(More)
Extreme Programming (XP) and the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) are two recently emerging models addressing the difficulty of developing and delivering high-quality software products. The CMM introduces 5 levels of maturity and gives guidelines for what to do at an organizational level, while XP gives explicit guidelines for how to develop software at a(More)
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