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MOTIVATION The ability to accurately read the order of nucleotides in DNA and RNA is fundamental for modern biology. Errors in next-generation sequencing can lead to many artifacts, from erroneous genome assemblies to mistaken inferences about RNA editing. Uneven coverage in datasets also contributes to false corrections. RESULT We introduce Trowel, a(More)
There has been much excitement about the possibility that exposure to specific environments can induce an ecological memory in the form of whole-sale, genome-wide epigenetic changes that are maintained over many generations. In the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, numerous heritable DNA methylation differences have been identified in greenhouse-grown(More)
Ephemeral wetland vegetation (EWV) in the Mediterranean Basin appears in temporary wetlands where favourable hydrological conditions exist only for a short time and year-to-year variability is high. Here, we report results of the seed germination, dormancy and desiccation tolerance of eight annual species living in this vulnerable habitat. Experiments were(More)
Seed germination is the most important transitional event between early stages in the life cycle of spermatophytes and understanding it is crucial to understand plant adaptation and evolution. However, so far seed germination of phylogenetically closely related species has been poorly investigated. To test the hypothises that phylogenetically related plant(More)
Crop wild relatives are an important source of new genetic diversity for plant breeding and crop improvement. Enset (Ensete ventricosum) is mainly cultivated as a multipurpose crop in Ethiopia, supplying food to 13 million people. To improve the agronomic traits of enset clonal lines, sexual propagation can be of key importance, in particular crossbreeding(More)
We hypothesized a geographical pattern of the plant performance (seedling development, biomass production, relative water content and chlorophyll content) as a result of response to the interaction between photoperiod and water availability in populations of the arctic-alpine Silene suecica from different latitudes, thus experiencing different photoperiods(More)
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