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Cloud Computing is a technology with vast impact on IT systems. Costs can be significantly reduced through on-demand purchase of CPU time, memory and storage, offering high flexibility. The main reason to avoid cloud technology still is security. This leads to a lack of trust in cloud services. Most cloud providers secure their systems only against external(More)
This document provides guidance on how to treat uncertainties associated with probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) in risk-informed decisionmaking. The objectives of this guidance include fostering an understanding of the uncertainties associated with PRA and their impact on the results of PRA and providing a pragmatic approach to addressing these(More)
Thed esigno fa " good " businessp rocessm odel is at ime-consuminga nd error-prone taska nd requests high traininge ffort from thep rocessm odeler. Theseb arriers might be ar eason whyb usinessp rocesses areo ften designedw iths oftwaret ools, which were not intentionally developedf or this purpose,b ut areh ighlyf amiliar for thep rocessm odeler (e.g.,(More)
Der Zugriff von mobilen Geräten auf Unternehmensanwendungen birgt Sicherheitsrisiken, die über die stationärer Hardware hinausgehen. Diese umfassen unter anderem den Verlust oder den Diebstahl ganzer Geräte, das Aushorchen der drahtlosen Internetverbindung oder das Ausspähen per Shoulder-Sniffing. Im Rahmen des Projektes „SumoDacs“ wurde eine(More)
The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is currently performing research on the development of probabilistic models for digital instrumentation and control systems for inclusion in nuclear plant probabilistic risk assessments. The desired goal of this research is to develop regulatory guidance for the use of risk information in regulatory(More)
Der Vo rgang der Modellierung vonG eschäftsprozessen in Unternehmen ist mitunter aufwändig und fehleranfällig. Normalerweise werden die Modelle vomM anagement oder Model-lierungsexperten unter Einsatz vonW orkshops und Experteninterviews mithilfe spezieller Model-lierungssprachen erstellt. Da den Modellierungsexperten das Wissen der Mitarbeiter nur indirekt(More)
Business Process Management (BPM) is an important tool for companies to cope with today's competitive market situation. One current mean to gain a competitive edge is through integrating social networks and software into BPM. But though knowledge and skills in this particular area are highly demanded by enterprises there is still a lack of sufficient(More)
While there is a need for business process management professionals in economy, enrolment in IS programs is declining. The resulting gap is even widened by early terminations of students due to various reasons. Missing motivation, as one of these reasons, is tackled by the Active Lab course concept presented in this paper. Such Active Labs are inspired by(More)
The refugee crisis waso ne of the main challenges of Europe in the last year.I tf orced millions of people from the middle-east to ¯ee their homeland due to con¯ict, poverty or substantial threat and migrate to Europe. Germanyplayed an important role in welcoming 475,000 refugees in 2015 [Bu16]—and faced huge political and logistical challenges associated(More)
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