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The optical characteristics of phase-locked semiconductor laser arrays are formulated in terms of the array supermodes, which are the eigenmodes of the composite-array waveguide, by using coupled-mode theory. These supermodes are employed to calculate the near fields, the far fields, and the difference in the longitudinal-mode oscillation wavelengths of the(More)
Eighty-five patients with knee injuries were included in a 4 month retrospective study that compared the relative accuracy of the Lachman test, the anterior drawer sign, and the pivot shift test. All examinations were performed under anesthesia and followed by arthroscopy, which confirmed 22 injuries. Of all ACL injuries occurring within 2 weeks of(More)
The European Energy Exchange (EEX) day ahead spot market for electricity in Germany shows significant variations in prices between peak and off-peak hours. Being able to shift electricity production from off-peak hours to peak hours improves the profit from CHP-plant operation significantly. Installing a big thermal store at a CHP-plant makes it possible to(More)
There are five mutually dependent variables relevant to Brillouin lidar measurements of temperature and sound speed in the ocean; they are (1) the Brillouin shift, (2) the sound speed, (3) the index of refraction, (4) the temperature, and (5) the salinity. We use three well-known relations to analyze rigorously the interdependence of these five variables.(More)
Rate equations analysis of phase-locked semiconductor laser arrays has been carried out. It was found that for given (laser) current densities, the photon density distribution in the array elements is that pmticular one which maximizes the total photon density. There-sults of this analysis were then combined with the waveguiding properties of the laser(More)