Jonas Helfer

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Web applications rely on servers to store and process confidential information. However, anyone who gains access to the server (e.g., an attacker, a curious administrator, or a government) can obtain all of the data stored there. This paper presents Mylar, a platform that provides endto-end encryption to web applications. Mylar protects the confidentiality(More)
Methods that bypass analytical evaluations of the likelihood function have become an indispensable tool for statistical inference in many fields of science. These so-called likelihood-free methods rely on accepting and rejecting simulations based on summary statistics, which limits them to low-dimensional models for which the value of the likelihood is(More)
In this project, we investigate the possible options for users to restrict application permissions in a more fine-grained way and provide a proof of concept for a command-line tool that can remove permissions from applications before installation. We tested our tool with Android 2.2 (Froyo) on an emulated NexusS and a real Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000.
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