Jonas Haehnle

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Weak solutions for nonlinear wave equations involving the p(x)Laplacian, for p : Ω → (1,∞) are constructed as appropriate limits of solutions of an implicit finite element discretization of the problem. A simple fixed-point scheme with appropriate stopping criteria is proposed to conclude convergence for all discretization, regularization, perturbation, and(More)
We study equations to describe incompressible generalized Newtonian fluids, where the extra stress tensor satisfies a nonstandard anisotropic asymptotic growth condition. An implicit finite element discretization and a simple, fully practical fixed-point scheme with proper thresholding criterion are proposed, and convergence toward weak solutions of the(More)
In intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), 3D in-room imaging data is typically utilized for accurate patient alignment on the basis of anatomical landmarks. In the presence of non-rigid anatomical changes, it is often not obvious which patient position is most suitable. Thus, dose-guided patient alignment is an interesting approach to use available(More)
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