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Oxidative addition of arsenic halides to platinum(0).
Reaction of AsCl3 with Pt(0) complexes [Pt(PCy3)2], [Pt(PCy3)(IMes)] and [Pt(IMes)2] (IMes = 1,3-bis(2,4,6-trimethylphenyl)imidazol-2-ylidene) resulted in oxidative addition of As-Cl bonds at the PtExpand
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Scope of the Thermal Ring-Expansion Reaction of Boroles with Organoazides.
Electronic and steric factors have been investigated in the thermal ring expansion of boroles with organic azides, a reaction that provides access to highly arylated 1,2-azaborinines, BN analogues ofExpand
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Engineering a Small HOMO-LUMO Gap and Intramolecular C-H Borylation by Diborene/Anthracene Orbital Intercalation.
The diborene 1 was synthesized by reduction of a mixture of 1,2-di-9-anthryl-1,2-dibromodiborane(4) (6) and trimethylphosphine with potassium graphite. The X-ray structure of 1 shows the two anthrylExpand
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Simple solution-phase syntheses of tetrahalodiboranes(4) and their labile dimethylsulfide adducts.
Convenient solution-phase syntheses of tetrahalodiboranes(4) B2F4, B2Cl4 and B2I4 are presented herein from common precursor B2Br4. In addition, the dimethylsulfide adducts B2Cl4(SMe2)2 andExpand
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Generierung einer kleinen HOMO‐LUMO‐Lücke und intramolekulare C‐H‐Borylierung durch Diboren‐Anthracen‐Orbitalinterkalation
Diboren 1 wurde durch Reduktion einer Mischung aus 1,2-Di-9-anthryl-1,2-dibromdiboran(4) (6) und Trimethylphosphan mit Kaliumgraphit dargestellt. Die Molekulstruktur von 1 zeigt, dass dieExpand
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Phosphine-Stabilized Diiododiborenes: Isolable Diborenes with Six Labile Bonds.
The lability of B=B, B-P, and B-halide bonds is combined in the syntheses of the first diiododiborenes. In a series of reactivity tests, these diiododiborenes undergo cleavage of all six of theirExpand
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Dynamic, Reversible Oxidative Addition of Highly Polar Bonds to a Transition Metal.
The combination of Pt0 complexes and indium trihalides leads to compounds that form equilibria in solution between their In-X oxidative addition (OA) products (PtII indyl complexes) and theirExpand
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Transition-Metal π-Ligation of a Tetrahalodiborane.
The reaction of tetraiododiborane (B2 I4 ) with trans-[Pt(BI2 )I(PCy3 )2 ] gives rise to the diplatinum(II) complex [{(Cy3 P)(I2 B)Pt}2 (μ2 :η3 :η3 -B2 I4 )], which is supported by a bridgingExpand
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Reactions of Digallanes with p- and d-Block Lewis Bases: Adducts, Bis(gallyl) Complexes, and Naked Ga+ as Ligand.
A range of double carbene adducts of digallanes(4) are prepared from an existing double digallane adduct, and their halides are subsequently exchanged, establishing the feasibility of both base andExpand
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