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Normative developmental equations provide reliable descriptors of brain electrical activity in people 6 to 90 years old. Healthy persons display only chance deviations beyond predicted ranges. Patients with neurological impairment, subtle cognitive dysfunctions, or psychiatric disorders (including dementia and primary depression) show a high incidence of(More)
BACKGROUND Despite empirical support for an increase in ecosystem productivity with species diversity in synthetic systems, there is ample evidence that this relationship is dependent on environmental characteristics, especially in structurally more complex natural systems. Empirical support for this relationship in forests is urgently needed, as these(More)
A statistical test of the brain stem auditory-evoked potential (BAEP) detection is presented. The data were collected by averaging groups of 200 sweeps in order to obtain a set of group averages. The synchrony measure (SM), which represents the degree of reproducibility for group averages, is used as a statistical measure and is calculated from the phase(More)
A method to establish optimal parameters for automatic analysis of the BAEP was proposed. Spectral analysis of a set of BAEP trial averages yields criteria for the selection of the optimal bandwidth for digital filtering, establishes a lower limit for the number of averaged responses required for accurate determination of BAEP wave shape and permits(More)
An ensemble of 10 groups of brain stem evoked responses (BAERs), each consisting of 200 sweeps, was collected for different intensity levels and for a no-stimulus condition. A fast Fourier transform was calculated for the separate groups, which permitted a phase variance to be derived. The phase variance was compared to the magnitude value for selected(More)
The increment estimation methods of European NFIs were explored by means of 12 essential NFI features. The results indicate various differences among NFIs within the commonly acknowledged methodological frame. The perspectives for harmonisation at the European level are promising. The estimation of increment is implemented differently in European National(More)
A BAEP test which uses constant, high level click stimulation was developed for preliminary screening of patients with known or suspected problems in auditory information processing. Digital filtering and automatic peak detection were employed to aid in the analysis of BAEP component latencies. The results of 148 BAEP tests allowed us to select a set of(More)
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