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Thousands of Microsoft engineers build and test hundreds of software products several times a day. It is essential that this continuous integration scales, guarantees short feedback cycles, and functions reliably with minimal human intervention. This paper describes C<scp>loud</scp>B<scp>uild</scp>, the build service infrastructure developed within(More)
  • J Fietz
  • 1999
Microcebus murinus, a small nocturnal lemur from Madagascar, has retained features of ancient primates. Based on these ancestral traits, its social organization has often been used as a model for early primate social systems. In captivity it breeds polygynously, i.e., one male mates with several females, while females usually copulate only with the dominant(More)
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) have become more and more important in the last decades, accelerating research in many different areas for a variety of applications. In this paper, we present an optimized hybrid parallelization strategy capable of solving large-scale fluid flow problems on complex computational domains. The approach relies on the(More)
Preface I would like to thank my two reviewers, Prof. Vincent Heuveline and Prof. Peter Sanders, for allowing me to write this thesis at both their institutes, for their advice and their support. Also, I would like to thank my two advisors, Dr. Mathias Krause and Christian Schulz, for taking the time to discuss ideas, to make suggestions, to proofread and(More)
Cloud providers typically implement abstractions for network virtualization on the server, within the operating system that hosts the tenant virtual machines or containers. Despite being flexible and convenient, this approach has fundamental problems: incompatibility with bare-metal support, unnecessary performance overhead, and susceptibility to hypervisor(More)
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