Jonas Durango

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—We focus on improving resilience of cloud services (e.g., e-commerce website), when correlated or cascading failures lead to computing capacity shortage. We study how to extend the classical cloud service architecture composed of a load-balancer and replicas with a recently proposed self-adaptive paradigm called brownout. Such services are able to reduce(More)
— Cloud applications are often subject to unexpected events like flash crowds and hardware failures. Without a predictable behaviour, users may abandon an unresponsive application. This problem has been partially solved on two separate fronts: first, by adding a self-adaptive feature called brownout inside cloud applications to bound response times by(More)
—We investigate methods for detection of rapid work-load increases (load spikes) for cloud workloads. Such rapid and unexpected workload spikes are a main cause for poor performance or even crashing applications as the allocated cloud resources become insufficient. To detect the spikes early is fundamental to perform corrective management actions, like(More)
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