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Multivariate analyses (Multiple Classification Analyses) of data obtained from repeated surveys (1981 and 1983) of students (grades 7-13) supported the separate consideration of three aspects of cannabis use and nonuse: not trying cannabis; trying and quitting cannabis use; and trying and continuing cannabis use. Marked consistency was found in results(More)
We evaluate experimentally algorithms for finding shortest paths in polygons in the constant workspace model. In this model, the input resides in a read-only array that can be accessed at random. In addition, the algorithm may use a constant number of words for reading and writing. The constant workspace model has been studied extensively in recent years,(More)
A survey of drug use, carried out in 1981 by means of a self-reported anonymous questionnaire administered to a stratified probability sample of 4,306 school students in grades 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 in Ontario, Canada, found consistent patterns in the use of drugs, including infrequently used illegal drugs such as heroin. Consistency of drug use was more(More)
The potential dangers from a malfunctioning of information processing systems range from simple loss of data to loss of life. This led many states come up with (hierarchies of) criteria to evaluate the trustworthiness of software systems. The Veriication Support Environment (VSE) was designed to satisses the requirements of the higher levels of such(More)
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