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Transmission power control is essential in WCDMA in order to optimize the bandwidth utilization which is critical when variable data rates are used. One remaining problem is oscillations in the output powers due to round-trip delays in the power control loops together with the power up-down command device. The oscillations are naturally quantified using(More)
Many algorithms in communications systems can be considered as control loops, where the computed quantities depend on feedback information. A common scheme is to use increase/decrease signaling for bandwidth efficiency. Furthermore, the feedback information is delayed. The time delay itself, and even more pronounced in combination with nonlinearities, such(More)
The production of molecules in a chemical reaction network is modelled as a Poisson process with a Markov-modulated arrival rate and an exponential decay rate. We analyze the distributional properties of M , the number of molecules, under specific time-scaling; the background process is sped up by N, the arrival rates are scaled by N , for N large. A(More)
i Abstract Terrain navigation is a concept for autonomous aircraft navigation. If measurements of the terrain height over mean sea-level are collected along the aircraft ight path, an estimate of the aircraft position can be formed by matching these measurements with a digital reference terrain map. This matching is a recursive nonlinear estimation problem.(More)
The functional order of a collection of nervous elements is available to the system itself, as opposed to the anatomical geometrical order which exists only for external observers. It has been shown before (Part I) that covariances or coincidences in the signal activity of a neural net can be used in the construction of a simultaneous functional order in(More)
Expression of the transcriptional repressor Zbtb20 is confined to the hippocampal primordium of the developing dorsal midline cortex in mice. Here, we show that misexpression of Zbtb20 converts projection neurons of the subiculum and postsubiculum (dorsal presubiculum) to CA1 pyramidal neurons that are innervated by Schaffer collateral projections in(More)
Some studies show that birds with high postnatal growth rates (e.g. altricial species) are characterized by a rapid early development of "supply" organs, such as digestive organs. Birds with low postnatal growth rates (e.g. precocial species) exhibit a slower early development of these organs and a more rapid early development of other "demand" organs, such(More)
  • Emilia Fägerstam, Jonas Blom, Emilia Fägerstama, Jonas Blomc
  • 2012
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