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Aim The controls of gross radiation use efficiency (RUE), the ratio between gross primary productivity (GPP) and the radiation intercepted by terrestrial vegetation, and its spatial and temporal variation are not yet fully understood. Our objectives were to analyse and synthesize the spatial variability of GPP and the spatial and temporal variability of RUE(More)
OBJECTIVES We examined to what degree annoyance ratings to noise, air pollution and other common environmental factors in the home environment could be considered to mirror personality disposition in terms of habitual anxiety level and, when appropriate, objectively modeled noise and nitrogen emission (NOx). METHODS A trait anxiety scale was introduced in(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this population-based study was to investigate associations between recreational values of the close natural environment and neighbourhood satisfaction, physical activity, obesity and wellbeing. METHODS Data from a large public health survey distributed as a mailed questionnaire in suburban and rural areas of southern Sweden were(More)
Chemical control of desert locust (DL) is carried out over large areas of land, covering a range of different landscapes and ecosystems. There are no real restrictions for spraying in or close to environmentally sensitive areas and awareness of sensitivity is not always obvious to the people involved in control. However, concern about environmental issues(More)
BACKGROUND Results from studies of road traffic noise and hypertension are heterogeneous with respect to effect size, effects among males and females and with respect to effects across age groups. Our objective was to further explore these associations. METHODS The study used cross-sectional public health survey data from southern Sweden, including 24,238(More)
This study reports carbon and water fluxes between the land surface and atmosphere in eleven different ecosystems types in Sub-Saharan Africa, as measured using eddy covariance (EC) technology in the first two years of the CarboAfrica network operation. The ecosystems for which data were available ranged in mean annual rainfall from 5 320 mm (Sudan) to 1150(More)
OBJECTIVES This study investigated residential noise from road traffic and its relation to annoyance, disturbance of daily activities, and general health. METHODS A large public health survey in southern Sweden in 1999-2000 supplied data (N=13 557; 54% participation rate) on the demography, annoyance, and disturbance of daily activities, and on general(More)
BACKGROUND Measured or modeled levels of outdoor air pollution are being used as proxies for individual exposure in a growing number of epidemiological studies. We studied the accuracy of such approaches, in comparison with measured individual levels, and also combined modeled levels for each subject's workplace with the levels at their residence to(More)
BACKGROUND Large spatial, seasonal and annual variability of major drivers of the carbon cycle (precipitation, temperature, fire regime and nutrient availability) are common in the Sahel region. This causes large variability in net ecosystem exchange and in vegetation productivity, the subsistence basis for a major part of the rural population in Sahel.(More)