Jonas Aharoni

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Children with primary immunodeficiency or chromosomal breakage syndromes are at increased risk of developing non-Hodgkin lymphomas; they cannot tolerate standard chemotherapy regimens. We report two children with diffuse, large, B-cell lymphoma; one had ataxia telangiectasia and one had common variable immunodeficiency. Both were given rituximab, 1 as(More)
87. Tuea~i~ow~ A. & BuTuaLzs, S. Materia]ien fiber die Vbge] des Jenisseisehen @ouvernements ; Mitteil. d. Xrassnojarsker Abtl. d. Russ. Geogr. Gesellseh. Section Phys..Geogr. Bd. I, Lfg. 2 4, Krassnojarsk 1911. Referat: GROTE, AUS der ornith. Lit. RuN. V, p. 73--252. 88. Uebersieht tiber die Fauna. des Jakutengebietes (russisch). Referat : GnOmE, J. f. O.(More)
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