Jonah Siegel

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In recent years, the ancient practice of being aware of one’s sensory experience in the present moment of ‘being mindful’ has taken a prominent place in discussions among clinicians, educators and the general public (Epstein, 1999; Kabat-Zinn, 2003; Bishop et al., 2004; Germer et al., 2005). Found in most cultures throughout history and now resurfacing in(More)
Although social workers often work with client systems affected by premenstrual syndrome (PMS), little information has been made available to guide their work. This article reviews the literature on PMS and presents recent advances from psychiatric, physiological, and psychosocial perspectives. Clinical and policy issues also are examined in light of the(More)
CAN COLLABORATION produce a masterpiece? Or. to offer an apparentlv less old-fashionied formulation: bvow does the recognition of the labor of more than one hand affect our relationship to an admired object of aesthetic appreciationi? The romance of collaboration is alive in many!forms in contemporary culture. But there are reasons to be concerned, as I am(More)
A process is described in which staff scheduling was adjusted to maintain pharmaceutical services while achieving a 7% cutback in personnel costs. The pharmacy department in a 1000-bed university hospital was unable to achieve the necessary cost savings through reductions in sick leave and overtime hours. The pharmacy administration developed a plan that(More)
This article has described the history, operation, and impact of a pharmacy-coordinated drug administration program that existed for 20 years. It enabled pharmacy to reduce medication errors and expand its clinical role. It is not clear whether medication error rates have increased or will increase as a result of transferring this responsibility back to(More)
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