Jonah S Marshall

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the safety of near infrared fluorescence (NIRF) of intravenously injected indocyanine green (ICG) during open partial nephrectomy, and to demonstrate the feasibility of this technology to identify the renal vasculature and distinguish renal cortical tumors from normal parenchyma. METHODS Patients undergoing open partial nephrectomy(More)
Schwannoma of the penis is a rare tumor. We report a case of penile schwannoma in a young man who was accurately diagnosed preoperatively with the help of gray-scale and color flow Doppler ultrasonography, and confirmed by magnetic resonance imaging. The tumor was successfully resected to completion, with preservation of the neurovascular bundles,(More)
A literature review of PubMed reveals that 1 case report is found of a retained Foley catheter for 3 years. We report a case of a straight catheter lost in the urethra and forgotten for 20 years and its safe surgical removal. The calcified straight catheter was removed through a perineal urethrostomy and incision at the meatus and fossa navicularis. A Foley(More)
Gross hematuria is a common occurrence in adults. The differential diagnosis is extensive, including: malignancy, trauma, inflammation of the urinary tract, and stones. While, urinary tract amyloidosis represents only a small percentage of causative gross hematuria, it is concerning because of its superficial resemblance to malignant processes. We report(More)
The efficacy of a topical preparation containing 0.5% fusidic acid and 0.1% betamethasone-17-valerate was compared to a systemic therapy (comprising a combination of parenteral dexamethasone and oral clavulanate-potentiated amoxycillin) in the treatment of 104 dogs with acute moist dermatitis. Significant improvement was evident after seven days in both(More)
Umbilical laparoendoscopic single-site surgery (U-LESS) is a relatively new technique for minimally invasive surgery being implemented in patients with urological complaints. We report the case of an incontinent 8-year-old girl who successfully underwent U-LESS for nephrectomy of a minimally functioning kidney with ectopic ureteral insertion into the vagina.
Patients present with foreign bodies in the genitourinary tract of a surprising array of shapes and sizes. We present a case of a woman with a metallic pipe lodged in the bladder and a novel technique for removing it. The patient underwent cystoscopy and a prolene snare was fashioned intraoperatively which facilitated safe and rapid extraction of the(More)
Some clinicians place patients in the Trendelenburg position during aortic unclamping to decrease the incidence of microscopic cerebral air embolism. Experimental studies have shown that use of the Trendelenburg position does not prevent air emboli from reaching the brain. Nevertheless, the position can decrease the velocity at which bubbles approach the(More)