Jonah Abrams

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BACKGROUND Over the past 10 years the technique of tryptophan depletion has been used increasingly as a tool for studying brain serotonergic systems. AIMS To review the technique of tryptophan depletion and its current status as a tool for investigating psychiatric disorders. METHOD Systematic review of preclinical and clinical studies. RESULTS(More)
HYPOTHESIS The density of vasoactive endothelial growth factor receptor 3-immunostained microvessels in primary breast cancers correlates with the incidence of axillary lymph node metastasis. DESIGN Breast cancer microvessel clusters ("hot spots") were sequentially immunostained for factor VIII, type IV collagen, and vasoactive endothelial growth factor(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether there is a difference in the oral/dental health in older persons with different life styles and medical status. STUDY DESIGN Survey (cross-sectional study) included four groups: (1) subjects (n = 123) living in a residential retirement home or community dwelling; (2) subjects (n = 218) seeking dental treatment at a Veterans(More)
PURPOSE Evaluation of the testis biopsy specimen in male infertility has been hampered by the qualitative rather than quantitative nature of routine histological techniques and interpretation. Although useful, flow cytometry has demonstrated significant limitations due to its inability to differentiate among haploid cell types, spermatozoa and spermatids.(More)
The first case of relapsing acute pancreatitis due to a tubular duodenal duplication is reported. The duplication is believed to have filled with secretions and intermittently impinged on and obstructed the pancreatic ductular system producing a clinical picture of relapsing acute pancreatitis. The increased pressure within the duplication also produced(More)
PURPOSE We previously demonstrated that testis biopsy image analysis is an effective method for quantifying intratubular spermatogenic cells in the obstructed testis with normal spermatogenesis. As an extension of the initial report, we describe using the quantitative ploidy and morphological characteristics of cells counted with image analysis in abnormal(More)
The etiology of hemodialysis-induced hypotension is multifactorial. We assessed the efficacy of intranasal lysine vasopressin (LV) in 6 patients with refractory hemodialysis-induced hypotension. Autonomic testing was abnormal in all. Intranasal LV and placebo were assessed in a double-blind crossover fashion. With LV, the mean number of hypotensive episodes(More)
The efficacy of three hypertonic saline solutions for treating dialysis-induced hypotension in a randomized, blinded, crossover clinical trial of 10 patients (a minimum of three cycles per solution) was compared. Dialysis-induced hypotension, defined as a decrease in systolic blood pressure of at least 10 mm Hg or systolic blood pressure less than 100 mm(More)
PURPOSE Increased testicular apoptosis has been observed in maturation arrest and hyposper-matogenesis states in rodent models, but this process has not yet been characterized in humans. We hypothesized that increased cell death present with accelerated apoptosis is significant in pathophysiology of many male infertility states associated with abnormal(More)
PURPOSE The applications, technique and limitations of testicular touch preparation cytology in evaluation of the infertile man are described. MATERIALS AND METHODS The technique and histological results of testicular touch preparation cytology for normal specimens and various pathological conditions of male infertility are described in detail. RESULTS(More)