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A technique is proposed for applying well-established stereological methods to study fixed nasal biopsy material to obtain an unbiased estimate of blood vessel surface and volume densities. Biopsies of the nasal mucosa from the anterior 10 mm of an inferior turbinate were obtained from 18 subjects (15 males, 3 females with a mean age of 28.5 years [range:(More)
OBJECTIVE Recent investigation suggests that near infrared (NIR) light may improve symptoms from mild traumatic brain injury. In addition, quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG) has shown measures correlating with concussion: P300, reaction time, and amplitude. The objective of this study was to determine whether NIR light treatment has an acute effect(More)
Inflow reducing surgical procedures have had a sordid history mostly characterized by poor outcomes and substantial complications. Difficulties were mainly due to the lack of direct visualization of the target tissue and by poor control of the destructive force. Collateral damage to healthy tissue from external cyclodestruction leads to significant(More)
Thymic tumours are associated with a wide range of autoimmune and haematological disorders, notably myasthenia gravis, red cell aplasia, and systemic lupus erythematosus. An association with cryoglobulinaemia has only once been reported previously. In this report we describe a 60-yr-old male patient with a spindle cell thymoma, treated surgically, who also(More)
Islet cell antibodies (ICA), complement fixing islet cell antibodies, immune complexes and thyro-gastric autoantibodies were studied in newly diagnosed diabetic patients not requiring insulin at diagnosis. Particular attention was focussed on that minority of patients who are initially treated with diet or oral agents but show ICA in their serum. One(More)
Cartilage Cartilage is composed of collagenous fibers and/or elastic fibers, and cells called chondrocytes, all of which are embedded in a firm gel-like ground substance called the matrix. Cartilage is avascular (contains no blood vessels) and nutrients are diffused through the matrix. Cartilage serves several functions, including providing a framework upon(More)
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