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The angular diameters of a Orionis and o Ceti were measured at a wavelength of 11.15 km using the two-telescope Infrared Spatial Interferometer (ISI). Based on Ðtting the visibility data to uniform disk models, the diameter of a Orionis is 54.7 ^ 0.3 mas and that of o Ceti at phase 0.90 is 47.8 ^ 0.5 mas. These diameters are the most precise ever measured(More)
Measurement of the transmitted intensity from a coherent monomode light source through a series of subwavelength slit arrays in Ag films, with varying array pitch and number of slits, demonstrates enhancement ͑suppression͒ by factors of as much as 6 ͑9͒ when normalized to the transmission efficiency of an isolated slit. Pronounced minima in the transmitted(More)
We analyze the physical-chemical surface properties of single-slit, single-groove subwavelength-structured silver films with high-resolution transmission electron microscopy and calculate exact solutions to Maxwell's equations corresponding to recent far-field interferometry experiments using these structures. Contrary to a recent suggestion the surface(More)
The size and variability of the continuum photosphere of o Ceti have been measured with 11 lm heterodyne interferometry to an accuracy of about 1%. Narrow bandwidths ($0.17 cm À1) were used to avoid spectral lines and measure continuum only. The resulting 11 lm diameter of o Cet is larger than the previously measured visible and near-infrared sizes. In(More)
Although competition between plants is usually asymmetric (i.e. larger plants have a disproportionate effect on smaller plants) almost all models of plant competition at the local level have assumed symmetric competition. We add a simple version of competitive asymmetry to the local density neighborhood models of plant interference and population dynamics(More)
We apply the technique of far-field interferometry to measure the properties of surface waves generated by two-dimensional (2D) single subwavelength slit-groove structures on gold films. The effective surface index of refraction n(surf) measured for the surface wave propagating over a distance of more than 12 mum is determined to be n(surf) = 1.016+/-0.004,(More)
The size of the continuum photospheres of Ori, Her, R Leo, and Cyg have been measured at 11 lm using heterodyne interferometry to accuracies as high as 1%. An assortment of narrow wavelength bands near 11 lm (each having a width $0.17 cm À1) were used to avoid spectral lines. The resulting apparent diameters for Ori and Her are $30% larger than measured(More)
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