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PURPOSE This preliminary investigation of the use of voice recognition software by people with aphasia presents a new method of training the software, which allows the aphasic user to by-pass the linguistically demanding standard training. It examines how accurately voice recognition software performed with aphasic speech and language as compared to that of(More)
Complexity can mean many things to many people. This paper presents an empirical, relativistic definition of complexity relating it to the system of interest, the behavior which is to be understood, and the capabilities of the viewer. A taxonomy of complexity is described based on this definition. Complexity and complication are compared and contrasted to(More)
This paper describes a program organized by the INCOSE Academic Council to determine future directions in systems engineering (SE) research. This program uses a framework coupling societal need to systems challenges, then to gaps in the capabilities of SE, which inform the direction of future SE research. The results of the first workshop are presented(More)
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