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All cancers carry somatic mutations. The patterns of mutation in cancer genomes reflect the DNA damage and repair processes to which cancer cells and their precursors have been exposed. To explore these mechanisms further, we generated catalogs of somatic mutation from 21 breast cancers and applied mathematical methods to extract mutational signatures of(More)
Cancer evolves dynamically as clonal expansions supersede one another driven by shifting selective pressures, mutational processes, and disrupted cancer genes. These processes mark the genome, such that a cancer's life history is encrypted in the somatic mutations present. We developed algorithms to decipher this narrative and applied them to 21 breast(More)
The pharmacological properties of voltage-gated Ca current and glucose-dependent insulin secretion were determined using the HIT insulinoma line to understand the role of Ca channels in stimulus-secretion coupling. The L-type Ca channel antagonist nimodipine inhibited a maximum of 50-55% of the peak Ca current, suggesting that L- and non-L-type channels(More)
Insulin-secreting pancreatic islet beta-cells possess anion-permeable Cl- channels (I(Cl,islet)) that are swelling-activated, but the role of these channels in the cells is unclear. The Cl- channel blockers 4,4'-diisothiocyanostilbene-2,2'-disulfonic acid (DIDS) and niflumic acid were evaluated for their ability to inhibit I(Cl,islet) in clonal beta-cells(More)
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