Jon Valente

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The requirements of grand challenge problems and the deployment of gigabit networks makes the network computing framework an attractive and cost effective computing environment with which to interconnect geographically distributed processing and storage resources. Our project, Virtual Distributed Computing Environment (VDCE), provides a problem-solving(More)
The next generation of network-centric applications will utilize a large number of computing and storage systems that are connected by global high speed networks. We refer to the environment t h a t provides transparent computing and communication services for large scale parallel and distributed applications as Metacomputing environment. In this paper, we(More)
Current advances in high-speed networks such as ATM and fiber-optics, and software technologies such as the JAVA programming language and WWW tools, have made network-based computing a cost-effective, high-performance distributed computing environment. Metacomputing, a special subset of network-based computing, is a well-integrated execution environment(More)
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