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Plants are sessile organisms that are under constant attack from microbes. They rely on both preformed defenses, and their innate immune system to ward of the microbial pathogens. Preformed defences include for example the cell wall and cuticle, which act as physical barriers to microbial colonization. The plant immune system is composed of surveillance(More)
The present study was performed to quantitate and compare the luminal and the peritubular uptake of 125I-labeled insulin in isolated, perfused, proximal tubules from rabbit kidneys. 125I-insulin was added in physiological concentrations of 3.0-7.0 ng/ml or 59.0-89.5 ng/ml (high insulin concentrations) to either the perfusate or the bath fluid for 30 min.(More)
Electrophoretic variation for X-chromosome-linked phosphoglycerate kinase (PGK-1) has been found as a polymorphism in feral mice in Denmark. Males from feral sampling or from a variety of genetic crosses have only a single-banded phenotype of the variant PGK-1A type or of the PGK-1B type commonly found among inbred mice. By contrast, three phenotypes were(More)
The innervation of the pineal gland in the Mongolian gerbil, Meriones unguiculatus, was investigated light microscopically by the Falck-Hillarp fluorescence technique and by conventional light microscopy. The pineal gland displayed a superficial portion just beneath the confluens sinuum and a deep part (lamina intercalaris) connected by a slender pineal(More)
Silver-impregnated series of cat and monkey (Cercopithecus aethiops) brains were studied in an attempt to demonstrate the existence of nervous connections between the brain and the pineal gland via the pineal stalk (central pineal connections). The presence of such connections between both the pineal gland and the habenular area, and between the pineal(More)
Several investigated bank vole populations are polymorphis for the number of salivary amylase loci, and individual chromosomes may carry one, two or three linked amylase structural genes. In the present study, we have used bank vole stocks homozygous for different chromosomes to investigate the relationship between amylase production and gene number. By(More)
A sulfate-reducing bacterium, designated strain lacT, was isolated from surface-sterilized roots of the benthic macrophyte Zostera marina. Cells were motile by means of a single polar flagellum. Strain lacT utilized lactate, pyruvate, malate, ethanol, L-alanine, fumarate, choline and fructose with sulfate as electron acceptor. In addition, fumarate,(More)
PSP, parotid secretory protein, and salivary amylase are the major secretory proteins of mouse parotid gland where they appear in a constant ratio. Here we describe the isolation of the PSP gene and show through expression analysis on this and the salivary amylase gene that the two genes are transcribed in a coordinate fashion in adult animals, whereas the(More)