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We analyze the performance of various heuristic algorithms for minimizing realizations of multiple-valued functions by the newly developed CCD 191 and CMOS [W] programmable logic arrays. The functions realized by such PLA's are in sum-of-products form, where sum is ordinary addition truncated to the highest logic value, and where product represents the MIN(More)
—This paper proposes an architecture and a synthesis method for high-speed computation of fixed-point numerical functions such as trigonometric, logarithmic, sigmoidal, square root, and combinations of these functions. Our architecture is based on the lookup table (LUT) cascade, which results in a significant reduction in circuit complexity compared to(More)
Multiple-output switching functions can be simulated by multiple-valued d e cision diagrams (MDDs) at a signicant reduction in computation time. We analyze the following approaches to the representation problem: shared multiple-valued decision diagrams (SMDDs), multi-terminal multiple-valued d e ci-sion diagrams (MTMDDs), and shared multi-terminal(More)
—The traditional problem in binary decision diagrams (BDDs) has been to minimize the number of nodes since this reduces the memory needed to store the BDD. Recently, a new problem has emerged: minimizing the average path length (APL). APL is a measure of the time needed to evaluate the function by applying a sequence of variable values. It is of special(More)
In this paper, we introduce three types of multiple-valued content-addressable memories (CAMs): ordinary CAMs (CAMs), distance d CAMs, and *CAMs. Ordinary CAMs require an exact match, while *CAMs allow wild-card matches. In a distance d CAM, a match occurs even if at most d digits differ. Then, we define multiple-valued CAM functions represented by these(More)
ÐIn an irredundant sum-of-products expression (ISOP), each product is a prime implicant (PI) and no product can be deleted without changing the function. Among the ISOPs for some function f, a worst ISOP (WSOP) is an ISOP with the largest number of PIs and a minimum ISOP (MSOP) is one with the smallest number. We show a class of functions for which the(More)
—This paper proposes a new analysis method of multi-state systems with multi-state components using multi-valued decision diagrams (MDDs). The multi-state systems with multi-state components can be considered as multi-valued functions , called structure functions. Since the structure functions are usually monotone increasing functions, they can be(More)