Jon Sticklen

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The need for effective tutoring and training is mounting, especially in industry and engineering fields, which demand the learning of complex tasks and knowledge. Intelligent tutoring systems are being employed for this purpose, thus creating a need for cost-effective means of developing tutoring systems. We discuss a novel approach to developing an(More)
This paper presents a recommendation algorithm that performs a query dependent random walk on a k-partite graph constructed from the various features relevant to the recommendation task. Given the massive size of a k-partite graph, executing the query centered random walk in an on-line fashion is computationally infeasible. To overcome this challenge, we(More)
| Models that are constructed within the bounds of a single paradigm are not suucient for modeling all aspects of complex systems. Therefore, even though reasoning and simulation systems that utilize a single modeling paradigm are the current norm, we explore a multimodel approach in this paper. A multimodel approach is deened as one in which more than one(More)