Jon Sporring

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This correspondence investigates Rényi’s generalized entropies under linear and nonlinear scale-space evolutions of images. Scale-spaces are useful computer vision concepts for both scale analysis and image restoration. We regard images as densities and prove monotony and smoothness properties for the generalized entropies. The scalespace extended(More)
Rotation of three-dimensional objects by a two-dimensional mouse is a typical task in computer-aided design, operation simulations, and desktop virtual reality. The most commonly used rotation technique is a virtual trackball surrounding the object and operated by the mouse pointer. We review and provide a mathematical foundation for virtual trackballs. The(More)
EMPIRE10 (Evaluation of Methods for Pulmonary Image REgistration 2010) is a public platform for fair and meaningful comparison of registration algorithms which are applied to a database of intrapatient thoracic CT image pairs. Evaluation of nonrigid registration techniques is a nontrivial task. This is compounded by the fact that researchers typically test(More)
This paper presents a method for airway tree segmentation that uses a combination of a trained airway appearance model, vessel and airway orientation information, and region growing. We propose a voxel classification approach for the appearance model, which uses a classifier that is trained to differentiate between airway and non-airway voxels. This is in(More)
High-fidelity computer-based modeling, simulation and visualization systems for the study of temporal bone anatomy and training for middle ear surgery are based on a sequence of digital anatomical images, which must cover a large tissue volume and yet display details in high resolution and with high fidelity. However, the use of existing image libraries by(More)
This paper presents a mass preserving image registration algorithm for lung CT images. To account for the local change in lung tissue intensity during the breathing cycle, a tissue appearance model based on the principle of preservation of total lung mass is proposed. This model is incorporated into a standard image registration framework with a composition(More)
Viewing images as distributions of light quanta enables an information theoretic study of image structures on different scales. This article combines Shannon’s entropy and Witkin and Koenderink’s Scale-Space to establish a precise connection between the Heat Equation and the Thermodynamic Entropy in Scale-Space. Experimentally the entropy function is used(More)
We propose a method for restoring the surface of tooth crowns in a 3D model of a human denture, so that the pose and anatomical features of the tooth will work well for chewing. This is achieved by including information about the position and anatomy of the other teeth in the mouth. Our system contains two major parts: A statistical model of a selection of(More)