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Twitter is an electronic medium that allows a large user populace to communicate with each other simultaneously. Inherent to Twitter is an asymmetrical relationship between friends and followers that provides an interesting social network like structure among the users of Twitter. Twitter messages, called tweets, are restricted to 140 characters and thus(More)
News articles contain a wealth of implicit geographic content that if exposed to readers improves understanding of today's news. However, most articles are not explicitly geotagged with their geographic content, and few news aggregation systems expose this content to users. A new system named NewsStand is presented that collects, analyzes, and displays news(More)
STEWARD ("Spatio-Textual Extraction on the Web Aiding Retrieval of Documents"), a system for extracting, querying, and visualizing textual references to geographic locations in unstructured text documents, is presented. Methods for retrieving and processing web documents, extracting and disambiguating georeferences, and identifying geographic focus are(More)
The <i>spatio-textual spreadsheet</i> is a conventional spreadsheet where spatial attribute values are specified textually. Techniques are presented to automatically find the textually-specified spatial attributes that are present in spreadsheets. Once the spatial attributes have been identified, an accurate translation of the values of the spatial(More)
— A system is described that automatically categorizes and classifies infectious disease incidence reports by type and geographic location, to aid analysis by domain experts. It identifies references to infectious diseases by using a disease ontology. The system leverages the textual and spatial search capabilities of the STEWARD system to enable queries(More)
(HUD/PD&R) collaborated on the development of a new city component to the FedStats MapStats website. MapStats effectively integrates two separate agency applications to provide users with complementary and seamless access to current and historical data from several federal statistical agencies. This case study of the recently released enhancement of(More)
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