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To determine whether continuing medical education affects the quality of clinical care, we randomly allocated 16 Ontario family physicians to receive or not receive continuing-education packages covering clinical problems commonly confronted in general practice. Over 4500 episodes of care, provided before and after study physicians received continuing(More)
A reproduceable method has been developed for measuring the quality of clinical care provided by physicians and nurse practitioners. The distinctive features of the method are the extended use of the tracer disease concepts, the evaluation of referrals, new procedures for probing the clinical operation of practices, a single blind design, emphasis on the(More)
From July 1971, to July 1972, in a large suburban Ontario practice of two family physicians, a randomized controlled trial was conducted to assess the effects of substituting nurse practitioners for physicians in primary-care practice. Before and after the trial, the health status of patients who received conventional care from family physicians was(More)