Jon Sibley

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In the visual pathway of frogs it is possible to apply low levels of NMDA chronically to the optic tectum and study the mechanisms underlying the stabilization of synapses developing within the CNS. Earlier studies (Cline and Constantine-Paton, 1990) found that chronic NMDA treatment of tecta innervated by two retinas results in a reduction of branching(More)
In 1985, Gualtieri and Hicks proposed the immunoreactive theory to explain the higher prevalence of childhood neurodevelopmental disorders in males. The theory claimed that male fetuses are more antigenic to mothers, resulting in increased immunologic attack on the developing central nervous system, and increased probability of atypical brain development.(More)
Activation of the NMDA subtype of glutamate receptor has been implicated in structural synaptic plasticity in many developing sensory systems. In the frog retinotectal system, chronic exposure of the optic tectum to NMDA, which decreases the effectiveness of NMDA receptors (Debski et al., 1991), results in the pruning of the branches of retinal terminal(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence points to a link between systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and an increased risk of lung cancer. Our objective was to provide a brief report of the lung cancer cases from an SLE cohort, with respect to demographics, histology, and exposures to smoking and immunosuppressive medications. METHODS Data were obtained from a multi-site(More)
Outer-suburban housing estates dominate new house constructions in Australia, and are a major contributor current and future environmental impacts such as water, waste and greenhouse gas emissions (Blair et al. 2003). Typically houses in these estates are built without an in-depth consideration of ecological sustainability factors. Program interventions(More)
A patient with essential cryoglobulinaemia who presented with polymyositis is described. Muscle biopsy showed intense plasma cell infiltration of muscle. Plasmapheresis produced a rapid resolution of the cutaneous manifestations of the disease, but little improvement in muscle strength. Oral steroids resulted in moderate improvement in muscle strength.(More)
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